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San Andreas State Troopers

Wanna patrol the state and stop lawbreakers? Well.. State Troopers might be the place for you! We primarily Serve and Protect the main roads and highways of San Andreas, But we still get a lot of action. If you want to be there and catch a criminal and protect San Andreas come and join the State Police by joining the discord today!
Join the San Andreas State Troopers

Blaine County Sheriff Office

We here at the Sheriffs Office would love to see you patrol the interior cities and roads of Blaine County. Wanna serve and protect our beautiful county? If yes, this is the perfect department for you. We here at the Sheriffs Office love to protect and help our fellow officers in blue and the community. If you want to join us in this fight of justice then go ahead and join the discord and apply today!
Join the Blaine County Sheriff Office

San Andreas Fire & Rescue

Here at WildernessRP we encourage you to have fun, but when you have fun things can go out of hand. This is why we have our own Fire and Rescue department which covers all medical and fire needs throughout San Andreas. Come and join us and save a life by joining the discord!
Join the San Andreas Fire & Rescue

Civilian Operations

At WildernessRP we offer a civilian department which allows you to do priorities and expand on your roleplay scenes and ideas. Come join our discord and apply today!
Join the Civilian Operations

Los Santos Police Department

The Los Santos Police Department is responsible for securing the safety of the city, and the protection of its population. You can find us on the streets morning, day, and night. Criminals are never safe. Be it by land, sea, or air, we have the assets to find perpetrators anywhere. Join us today by clicking on the button below.
Join the Los Santos Police Department

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  • Sitemaster


Fixed features

  • /p now fixed (postal command shortcut)




Added features


Fixed features

  • Verified Streamer page
  • TeamSpeak Role Syncing and integration (Requires you to relink your TS3 UUID)
  • Fixed a issue where we'd send out debug notifications to users sometimes
    • You don't have to worry about it anymore because we successfully debugged our debug bug
  • fixed a issue where all times were being displayed in eastern standard time
    • Apparently there are these things called "timezones"
    • Shout out to the British Longitude Act of 1714 for making this possible
    • Rate this release 5 stars and ill drink in your honor because its always 5 o'clock somewhere
  • Yo...GIFS
  • Handling server errors a bit better CROSS YOUR FINGERS THAT'S SOME GNARLY CODE
  • We increased security because, well, it's important. and we're nice.
  • Does anyone read these.... HELLOOOOOO? anyone there????



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